dimaMOD is Technique Beauty Fantasy

An in-depth study, an accurate and refined design, alongside the use of high quality materials such as stainless steel and brass
make dimaMOD products unique of their kind.


With a long experience in the metalworking built up over the years, the Dima Accessori factory, after careful and thorough research, launches dimaMOD a new system of mounting kit for the creation of scale models to assemble.


Born almost for fun, from the passion for miniatures and details, dimaMOD is the result of careful planning with an accurate and fascinating design.


Processing of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and brass, flanked by the continuous search for new models, they distinguish dimaMOD for their originality in the modeling scene.

Specifications and curiosity

The thickness of the materials used is 2 mm, with threads obtained in the plates. The assembly is easily performed with a small key (Allen Key).

All parts are treated superficially, they are pleasant to touch and do not present sharp parts. Each model is laser marked and certificate of authenticity provided. DimaMOD products are not painted and if they are kept with the right care they last forever.